Wait I actually read something?

I am just as shocked as you dear reader to hear that I actually read a book in August. All the way through. And I started another one! My reading habit is back and long may it continue. Not sure what I am talking about? Catch up here

Now if I could just get back into the blogging habit…

Yes ma’am! I’m on it!

I’m also starting to #NaNoPrep. Last year I blogged about my NaNo experience on a different site which I no longer maintain. I am going to reblog some of the highlights over here and then share my experiences this time. Being a ‘book blog’ I think that is appropriate.

Best get to it…


A ‘Quick’ Update

I am NEVER moving again. I swear. After 14 house moves I’m done. Three moves ago my partner and I moved in together. Two moves ago my partner and I moved together in the first few weeks after I had quit teaching for health reasons. This last move was the first time either of us have ever owned a property, and technically we only own 35% of it as we couldn’t get a mortgage for any more than that.

Moving myself is hard enough. Moving him and me? Hell on earth. Moving him and me and dealing with housing buying shenanigans? Well that is enough to drive a woman to drink. Or gain 10 pounds. Or both. Oh and doing it in a heatwave? Enough said.

Moving on…

We’ve been in our new house for a couple of weeks now. Today is the first day I have had my desk set up and I was itching to write a blog post. I have been playing around with graphics on my iPad as you may have noticed but today is the first time I have been able to sit at a keyboard and type. Bliss.

I need to write a post about book shelves soon because I HATE our current solution. I tolerated it in the last house but now I have had enough. I want to see the books not hide them behind each other.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have hardly read anything in the last couple of months. The odd bit here and there but nothing like the old routine I used to be in. My mental health has suffered as a result. Reading isn’t the only routine that has gone out of the window. With things still in boxes and not really knowing where the things I have unpacked are either I am struggling.

The important thing is to keep going. One day at a time.

5 Favourite Library Pins This Week

With our upcoming move I am becoming increasingly obsessed with designing our library. This is the first house we will own which means we can actually build things into the house.

I should clarify when I say library I mean a library wall in our living room. Granted some people may just call them bookshelves. Those people should stop trying to burst my bubble!

Here are my favourite additions to my ‘Library Planning‘ pinterest board from the past week:

I really want a ladder on the library wall. Partly because I am short and partly because they are just really frigging awesome.

While I mostly pin for inspiration, I do also like to pin ideas that are just pure fantasy.

And although I completely love this, there is no way I could live like it!

Would you like something like the above in your house?


The Linky Trap!

Hello Story Lovers!

I am I the only book blogger who feels that their week is taken up almost entirely of daily memes and link ups?

Across the last few months I have tried one for almost each day of the week and while they all have their merits (including the other bloggers they have introduced me to), I am feeling pretty trapped by them all!

So, I have made some decisions! I have decided on my favourites (that is the ones that work best for me, my reading and my blog) and have a new plan of action!

This may mean that I don’t appear in your feeds on days that I used to but don’t worry I will still be around! 🙂

New Dystopian Reads for my TBR

When I say new, I mean new to me.

Last night while up late talking at a friend’s house (yes you can still do that in your thirties), my friend asked me if I had watched ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. I haven’t by the way, but I did watch the film and read the book back when I was about 15. It was (probably) the first dystopian that I ever read.

Now I LOVE dystopian fiction (although some it is far too close to reality right now). For no particular reason it has been a while since I have read any so I was excited to be talking about them again. We talked over some greats.

My friend asked if I have read the books below, and typically hadn’t so welcome to the latest additions to my TBR!


Untitled design

Untitled design

Interesting that two reference ‘The Hunger Games’ on their covers. I wish I could read that book again for the first time. It has been so long (I read it back in 2010) that I can’t remember it in much detail. I remember the feelings of fear and lack of control. And how hopeful a loaf can be. Maybe it is time to re-read (not something I tend to do).


Untitled design

Are you a fan of dystopian stories? Have you read any of the above, or can you recommend any extras to add to my list?


I’ve Got a New Netgalley Badge

When I logged into Netgalley tonight I realised that I have been awarded a new badge.

Reviews Published

This means that three of my reviews have been added as a ‘Featured Review’ on the title detail page by a publisher.

Of the five ARCs I have reviewed so far, three have been five star (and funnily enough these are the ones that have been featured).

Featured Reviews.PNG

Here are the links to Netgalley for each of the titles. I will be posting my reviews here closer to their publication dates.

‘The Boy from Tomorrow’

‘Little Moments of Love’

‘A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns’ (which by the way I cannot stop talking to people about!

When An Author Tweets You Back

Many moons ago, back while I was studying at Kent University, I read ‘The Death of the Author’ by Roland Barthes for one of my critical theory classes. It was a seriously annoying essay and caused many a heated discussion in class. I will save you the pain and summarise his point:

Don’t take the author (their lives and experiences) into consideration when you are reading a book. Your understanding of the text should purely come from your own experiences.

When I am reading, I am lost in the story (hopefully) and I don’t think much about the author. On the other hand, if I was to study a story then I would. I would think about why the story might have been constructed in that way and why the author made the choices they did.

Now in the age of Twitter (yes kids I do remember a time before Twitter – how shockingly old that must make me *cough cough* 33 *cough cough*) I think about the author as I am reading. Not in an analytical way, but in a “this woman is awesome and I must tell her and the world about her immediately” sort of way. I only use woman because it has yet to happen to me with a male author.

And yesterday that is what I did:

And then this morning, with equally good gif game, I got a reply from the author of my current read:

Now, other than being freaked out that Alex is wearing a summer dress in her profile picture (I assumed she lived at the North Pole), I was amazed that Alex had taken the time to reply. Thanks Alex, I appreciate it 🙂

To be able to follow authors and interact with them like this is wonderful. It shrinks the gap between us. It proves that they are people rather than mystical figures, and that with some hard work and a bit of luck I could be one too.