“He had been able to close his mind off from her. He had been able to keep secrets in a world were secrets weren’t supposed to be possible. Well apart from this giant one of course.” — The Lion, the Witch and the New Kid   REBLOGGED from a site I no longer maintain. 

Yesterday was not only the first time that I exceeded my daily word count target, but it was also the first time I used NaNoWordSprints. 403 words in 15 minutes. That would be more impressive if I wasn't so far behind! (4204 total) #NaNoWriMo2017 — Not Currently Active (@PhiliBWriting) November 6, 2017 This sounds impossible! …

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Today is the first time I have EVER done written above a word count target. Not once at uni did I ever achieve this feat (including my dissertation). I’m feeling very pleased with myself today.   REBLOGGED from a site I no longer maintain.