NaNo Next Steps

One thing I learned during NaNoWriMo last month was that writing about your writing can often be harder than actually writing your writing. Sometimes it is easier to communicate through the medium of GIF.

The same also applies when you have a head cold and your brain is working in a much more visual way than usual.

Last weekend I decided I was going to try and figure out what I had to work with now the dust had settled on my story. Here is what I found:

It became clear to me that I needed one of these:

Not that I was giving up on the story I just needed to stop feeling like this about it:

It wasn’t long before an outline came together and I was able to plant text from my NaNo draft into that outline.

That’s what first drafts are for, fixing those plot holes and those parts where you have just shoved something in and hoped for the best. My story has evolved so much already and who knows what it will end up looking like. I’m excited to find out!

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When Couples Do NaNoWriMo

A Twitter Journey

During October…

*on Don’t you hate it when you misspell in a tweet?

Our Romantic Getaway

I would love to say that the wit continued but there was break in #CouplesDoNaNoWriMo while you know, we did NaNoWriMo!

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NaNoWriMo – Day 30

So, um, yeah. Yesterday this happened….

I have NEVER completed anything that I set my mind to before. I am the queen of self sabotage and have shares in procrastination excuses. I am so incredibly proud of myself (which feels odd too) and I cannot wait to get stuck in with re-writes.

There is a lot more to say but honestly, I have said so much this month already I need a break before I get into it!

Image Certificate.png

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NaNoWriMo – Day 26

nanowrimo update

Yesterday (Sunday 26th) was a ridiculous day. I wrote 5,330 words.

Even typing that seems strange to me. How on earth did I manage that?

As I mentioned before, word sprints have been really helpful to my progress. This weekend however it went to a whole new level. On the recommendation of the ML from my region I started using Write or Die.

Close Up

This program made me write, and write and write. Suddenly I was writing 1000 words in around 25 minutes. Were they beautifully planned out sentences? Nope. Does that matter for a first draft and getting to the NaNoFinishLine? Nope again.

I adjusted the settings as required and then off I went.


After I had done this a few times I started exploring 4theWords (a NaNoWriMo sponsor).

It was helpful, but I found myself going to back to Write or Die to complete the challenges. It was nice to break things up though. I will probably use it again but I am not sure I would invest money in it.

Onwards. The finish line is in sight…

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Dictating to 35,000 words

nanowrimo update

Today I haven’t been feeling great so I have been lying on the sofa and dictating into a google doc. It has been an amazing experience. It took some getting used to but I managed to get 3,542 words done. I probably spent about an hour actually talking spread out across this evening. There is a good chance that there are some serious autocorrect errors in there, and multiple words where only one is needed (for example I said “happy” and it wrote “hand pee”) but that is what editing is for. Plus, I am appreciative of the extra words with so few days left!

Curled up on the sofa with a fake fire going


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July babiesare awesome - v2

Lets think positively shall we?

I have written over 7,000 words this weekend and finally broken the half way point. Finally I have written more than I have still to go.


Here are my reflections at the end of Day 19.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. My NaNoWriMo story is one such example. It has evolved in so many ways that it is barely recognisable as my original outline. While this isn’t a problem, it means that I have a non-linear mass of words. Some of it still follows old plans that have since been overwritten with other ideas. I’m just going with it.

My goal is to write 50,000 words in November. Some of these words will end up in novel form, some of them will not. They will likely be joined by many other words that won’t get added in until much later.

The important thing is that I write. I am learning so much about myself and the creative process from this experience. I’m so glad I started it, and have gotten as far as I have. This is one challenge I have no intention of giving up on.

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