Favourite Places to Read

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I’m linking up with #SixForSunday which hosted by Steph @ A Little But A Lot (who incidentally won an award last night!).

The theme for this week is:


This is my first week taking part in #SixForSunday (although I have been enjoying reading others posts for quite some time) and I’m excited to dive in. I am however going to tweak the theme slightly and then split it into two.



Unfortunately I suffer with motion sickness and I find this really limiting when it comes to my reading. Here are 3 places I wish I could read:

  1. On the train – Commuting is the perfect time to clock up some reading hours but sadly not for me 😦
  2. On a plane – While I do enjoy catching up on films during flights, I do wish I could take advantage of the reading time 😦
  3. In the car – My partner and I like to share the driving, and I wish I could curl up and read in my ‘off’ time 😦


Here are 3 places where I manage to clock up the most listening time:

  1. Long walks – I find I need to be out for more than 20 minutes to really see any benefit to my listening. Otherwise I find it too bitty and hard to pick back up again.
  2. Long drives – Sense a theme here? There are books I listen to when I am on long drives alone, and then there are books that my partner and I listen to together on our road trips. Thankfully there are books that we both enjoy but the more soppy books tend to be for solo trips.
  3. On the train – I clocked up just shy of 5 hours listening time yesterday going to and from #YAShot2018.


Don’t forget to check out #SixForSunday on Twitter to see what other people have picked.

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She reads. She writes. She games. She watches too much TV. Oh and eats too much sugar. #Perfection

One thought on “Favourite Places to Read”

  1. Ahhh! How amazing! Thank you so much for the amazing mention about the UKYABAs. That’s amazing!

    Thanks for joining in #SixforSunday! It’s lovely to see audiobooks being repped! I’ve never listened to an audiobook, but I’m hoping that will change in the summer!

    Hope to see you next week for #SixforSunday again! S x

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