So Far So… Mid-Way Review of ‘The Amber Spyglass’

Here is what I am currently reading, and here is how it is going so far.

The Amber Spyglass: His Dark Materials Trilogy, Book 3 cover art

  • Number of Listening Sessions – 2
  • Amount of Book Remaining – 72% (listening on Audible)
  • Impressions – It is different to book two (‘The Subtle Knife’) in the way that it is structured. I am not sure I like the lines of poetry at the beginning of each chapter. If I was reading the book I would probably skim over these. I just want resolution! While parts of the story are interesting, I struggle to see what they have to do with the plot overall (maybe that will become clear later) but currently they just feel like parts that could have been edited out. This book is 6 hours and 2 minutes longer than the previous one! 

I also spent the first half an hour trying to figure out if the voice actor for Will had been changed, or whether the actor voice had just broken between recording books two and three. Google has been very unhelpful in clarifying this for me. If you know, please share! 

  • So Far So long winded. 
  • I will be giving up / taking a break / reading on to see where it goes / finishing it this week so I can get some resolution / staying up late tonight as I’m desperate to see where this is going!

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