Why is Daniel a boy?

I’m getting geared up for Camp NaNoWriMo next month and as part of that I am thinking about my main character Daniel.

Lets take a quick step backwards. Back in November I wrote 50,000 words of Daniel’s story. It is a tangled mess of a story and during Camp I plan on untangling it.

I have been thinking a LOT about why Daniel is a boy. I have thought about whether I should change him (or rather the main character) in to a girl. I have thought about whether the gender of the character matters to the story.

I am feeling a pressure to represent, to be diverse, to be inclusive.

That is part of the reason why Daniel is in the care system. He is looking for a family. He is looking for somewhere to fit in and something to be a part of. Lets face it, aren’t we all? But some children are more than others. I’ve taught those children, and those children are the inspiration for Daniel.

So I have come to a ‘simple’ conclusion. Daniel should stay a boy. He isn’t going to be overtly masculine. He is going to be bullied for being the new kid. He is going to have experiences of the care system. He is going to have magical foster parents. Literally, they are wizards from another world. Those are the bits that are important to the story, at least this one.


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