WWW Wednesday 14th February

WWW Wednesday is a weekly link up at Sam’s blog Taking On A World of Words. It challenges you to answer the three Ws of reading.


What I am currently reading:

This week I did a LOT of driving. Well a lot of driving by England standards, I know my friends in the good old U.S of A think 4 hours driving as a short trip. For me 3.5 hours down to my Mum’s on Friday and 3 hours back on Monday lead to two big chunks of listening time. I arrived home with 57 minutes left to go on ‘The Subtle Knife’ (89% listened to).

I’ve listened to a fair few audible books previously and I am very fussy about the narrators voice. ‘His Dark Materials’ has a full cast of different voices. It makes the listening experience more dynamic (and great for not sending you to sleep when your driving).

My kindle is now almost a week old! I moved from phone app to Kindle to keep on with ‘Murder Most Unladylike’ for this month’s #BritishBooksChallenge18. I’m over half way now!


What I have just finished reading:

This week I finished the last of ‘The Detectives’ stories. It has been a mixed bag, but I enjoyed them all to one degree or another. I will post a review soon.




What I will read next:

As with last week, I won’t be starting anything new this week, but focusing on finishing ‘Murder Most Unladylike’ for the #BritishBooksChallenge18. Hopefully a long work at the weekend will finish ‘The Subtle Knife’ too.

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4 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday 14th February”

  1. I can’t stand if the narrator for an audiobook doesn’t do a good job or if I don’t like their voice. It makes it so hard to listen to and bores me. I don’t read enough murder mystery books!


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