Books I Binged in 2017

This time last year I hadn’t read any of the Dresden Files. Now I have read all 15 of them.

While there have been other books I have read this year, the bulk of my ‘read’ list on Goodreads for 2017 are Dresden Files.

Chris and I listened to the first book ‘Storm Front’ while driving down to see family and from there I read on before bed. One book after another for months on end.

I think the fact that Spike James Masters does the voice helped to cement the vision of Dresden I have in my head. I don’t know why he wears a hat on the book covers, he doesn’t in the narrative.

But how do you review books when you have read them in such quick succession like this? As I was reading them I wasn’t thinking about that. I was more interested in getting through them as they were such pulpy fun reads. I would struggle to tell you which book what bit happened in, but I do think there are three distinct eras of Dresden that would make it easier to review.

1 – The first three books

2 – Before ‘Changes’

3 – From ‘Changes’ onwards

I will pop those reviews on my to-do list in the fancy new notebook I got for Christmas!

Will there be more variety in my reading in 2018? I would like to think so but as most of my reading happens before bed I don’t like to pick anything too challenging. Quick and easy reads are my go to with my life currently.

The important thing is that I keep reading.






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