NaNoWriMo – Catch Up Weekend

nanowrimo update

At the start of yesterday (day 11), I had written 6926 words. This had taken my daily average goal up to 2,162 if I wanted to be in with a chance of reaching my 50k word target.

I’m learning that I struggle to write in the week so I need to make sure that I use my weekends to bulk up my word count.


Day 11 @ 2pm


When I logged off last night I had impressed myself with how much I had managed to write. While I was still not where I was supposed to be, I was a hell of a lot closer than that morning! 4,713 words to be exact.


Now at the end of Day 12, and a weekend dedicated to catching up, I have increased my word count by 8,393 words. It feels amazing to be over 15,000 words. I have never written this much on one project before. It feels amazing.


REBLOGGED from a site I no longer maintain. 

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