My Novel Idea – NaNoPrep

As part of the #NaNoPrep season, participants declare their novels. Here is my idea as of 29th October including some book cover ideas that I have been playing with.

The Lion, the Witch and the New Kid

Daniel (name may change) arrives at his new foster home and is immediately unsure. Why does this house have lion statues on the gateposts? These people are going to be weird.

The other foster kids already in the house seem happy but they are also clearly keeping a secret. What is it that Daniel isn’t allowed to know? Will he ever be allowed to know?
Lionel and Morgana are used to having kids come and go. They have been helping those without a place to call home for years. Hundreds of years in fact.

Will Daniel be the sort of kid that gets to stay? Can he be trusted with a secret so big that the fabric of reality depends on it being in safe hands?

Book Cover v3341

REBLOGGED from a site I no longer maintain. 

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