Did We Read The Same Book?

I made my mistake – I scrolled!

I have been looking to improve my book reviews so I went to Goodreads for some inspiration. I thought I would start with a book I know well, ‘The Hunger Games’.

Now to say that I know this book well is something of an understatement. I taught the book for a whole term and managed to get a 13 year old girl to use the phrase (unprompted) “wow the book is better than the film.”

Then page loaded and then I made my mistake – I scrolled!

I accept that we all read differently. We see different things depending on our experiences, our beliefs, our moods etc. But sometimes I find myself wondering – did we read the same book?

Yes, there is a quality of writing that you won’t get in a Y-A novel. I accept that, and I pass no judgement. It is appropriate for the audience. If people feel the need to comment on that then fine.

If people just don’t like the content, that’s fine.

If you are one of those people that hates on things because most people like them – well I feel sorry for you.

If you think ‘The Hunger Games’ is anything like Twilight? Well, honestly. I just can’t even get my words out. Firstly, since when did Twilight become the benchmark for whether a book is good or not? How can you compare Katniss, Peeta and Gale to Bella, Edward and Jacob? Yes, there is one girl and two guys. You can have that one. But…oh seriously I am so angry…Peeta gives Katniss hope but what does Edward give Bella? Does he give her a reason to live? Nope, he gives her the exact opposite in fact!

And breathe.

In short, read reviews before you read a book and not afterwards. They do nothing for your blood pressure!

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