Reading Progress

I finished 4 books in April and have made some pretty good headway on others (I will add those to May as hopefully I will finish them next month).

Polar Bear Explorers Club Cover
Moments of Love Cover
They Them Pronouns Cover
Boy From Tomorrow Cover


You can read my review of ‘The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club‘ here. The other reviews will be posted nearer their release dates (all three were given as Advanced Reader Copies).

Challenge Progress


My target is to read 20 books this year and so far I have already managed 12. I have been thinking about upping my target but I don’t want to jinx it!

You can read more details here.


I have been rather pants at keeping up with adding reads to the link up. I have however 4 reads for 4 months so on track!

Agatha (1)

Nothing to update for this one this month.


I have now bought 6 properties on my way around the board. I posted an update yesterday.

May Goals

  1. Clear my Netgalley Shelf
  2. Read more Agatha Christie
  3. Smile as much as possible





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Hello Story Lovers!

It’s Sunday which means it is time for the inaugural edition of ‘My Story Notes’. This is where I share mid-way reviews on my current reads with the hashtag #SoFarSo. 

Here is what I am currently reading, and here’s how it is going so far…


So Far So Agatha Christie-esque. 

Number of Reading Sessions: 4

Book Remaining: 85%

Quick Notes: It is quite a dense read but as a far of Agatha Christie that doesn’t put me off. Some may find the writing style dated or convoluted. I will be finishing it soon so I can get some resolution (and to get it off my Netgalley shelf).

Untitled designDivider.png38467638

So Far So unsure

Number of Reading Sessions: 1

Book Remaining: 98%

Quick Notes: Lots of description, perhaps too much? Too early to know for sure. 

Untitled design



It hasn’t been a particularly productive reading week as I am still mourning the end of ‘The Boy From Tomorrow’. I adored this story and will be sharing my review next week ready from it’s release date on 8th May.


Untitled design

Want to join in? Use the prompts above to write your own mini review of your #currentlyreading. Then share your mini reviews using the hashtag #SoFarSo and link your blog posts in the comments below.

With our upcoming move I am becoming increasingly obsessed with designing our library. This is the first house we will own which means we can actually build things into the house.

I should clarify when I say library I mean a library wall in our living room. Granted some people may just call them bookshelves. Those people should stop trying to burst my bubble!

Here are my favourite additions to my ‘Library Planning‘ pinterest board from the past week:

I really want a ladder on the library wall. Partly because I am short and partly because they are just really frigging awesome.

While I mostly pin for inspiration, I do also like to pin ideas that are just pure fantasy.

And although I completely love this, there is no way I could live like it!

Would you like something like the above in your house?


Hello Story Lovers!

I am I the only book blogger who feels that their week is taken up almost entirely of daily memes and link ups?

Across the last few months I have tried one for almost each day of the week and while they all have their merits (including the other bloggers they have introduced me to), I am feeling pretty trapped by them all!

So, I have made some decisions! I have decided on my favourites (that is the ones that work best for me, my reading and my blog) and have a new plan of action!

This may mean that I don’t appear in your feeds on days that I used to but don’t worry I will still be around! 🙂

When I say new, I mean new to me.

Last night while up late talking at a friend’s house (yes you can still do that in your thirties), my friend asked me if I had watched ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. I haven’t by the way, but I did watch the film and read the book back when I was about 15. It was (probably) the first dystopian that I ever read.

Now I LOVE dystopian fiction (although some it is far too close to reality right now). For no particular reason it has been a while since I have read any so I was excited to be talking about them again. We talked over some greats.

My friend asked if I have read the books below, and typically hadn’t so welcome to the latest additions to my TBR!


Untitled design

Untitled design

Interesting that two reference ‘The Hunger Games’ on their covers. I wish I could read that book again for the first time. It has been so long (I read it back in 2010) that I can’t remember it in much detail. I remember the feelings of fear and lack of control. And how hopeful a loaf can be. Maybe it is time to re-read (not something I tend to do).


Untitled design

Are you a fan of dystopian stories? Have you read any of the above, or can you recommend any extras to add to my list?


When I logged into Netgalley tonight I realised that I have been awarded a new badge.

Reviews Published

This means that three of my reviews have been added as a ‘Featured Review’ on the title detail page by a publisher.

Of the five ARCs I have reviewed so far, three have been five star (and funnily enough these are the ones that have been featured).

Featured Reviews.PNG

Here are the links to Netgalley for each of the titles. I will be posting my reviews here closer to their publication dates.

‘The Boy from Tomorrow’

‘Little Moments of Love’

‘A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns’ (which by the way I cannot stop talking to people about!